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About us

The Trustees of the Charities are known as Feoffees, there are 11 Feoffees, five of whom are ex officio.  Three of the five Feoffees hold their post due to their positions with the Church of St Michael at the North Gate, either as Vicar or as Church Wardens; the other ex officio Feoffees are the Principal of Jesus College and the Rector of Lincoln College, both Colleges having had a long connection with the Charities.  The other Feoffees are nominated by the Parochial Church Council of St Michael at the North Gate. The administration of the Charities is carried out by the Clerk to the Feoffees:  Mr Rupert Sheppard, who should be contacted in the first instance when applying for a grant. The procedure for applying for grants is straightforward and is generally by letter, or email, in the first instance to Mr Sheppard following the  Guidelines for Applications set out in How to Apply.

Notice About Grants

The Feoffees of St Michael’s and All Saints’ Charities awarded grants at the meeting in June last year. A decision regarding grants in 2024 will be made in the autumn