Helping people in Oxfordshire

Application of funds of the Charities

The St Michael’s and All Saints’ Charity

Objectives and Activities

In accordance with the terms of a Scheme sealed on 18th February 1991, income of the Charity is applied first to the maintenance of the property of the Charity and to the expenses of management of the Charity. It is then applied to defray the cost of repairs to the fabric, furniture, fittings and organ of the Parish Church and of insurance of the Parish Church, to the maintenance of music and the provision of music therein, in aid of the stipends of clergy officiating at the Parish Church, and in making grants for such religious and other charitable purposes as the Feoffees decide after consultation with the Parochial Church Council. Although the Charity has wide discretion in respect of making grants, the Feoffees tend to concentrate primarily on assisting charities addressing local needs (see Donations Policies).

The Church Houses Relief in Need Charity

Objectives and Activities

Income of the Charity is applied to relieve, either generally or individually, persons resident in the city of Oxford who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress. Grants may be made to institutions or organisations which provide services or facilities for such people.