Helping people in Oxfordshire

How to apply

Important update

The Feoffees of St Michael’s and All Saints’ Charities are seeking to replace their Clerk, who is retiring after nearly twelve years’ service.

Full details of the vacancy are to be found under the Vacancy for Clerk tab.

Applications will be welcome via Brook Street Bureau and may be made by following the link: Apply here.

Application in the first instance is to Mr Rupert Sheppard, Clerk to the Feoffees following the Guidelines for Applications set out below:

Requirements: Send a short letter by email to of not more than 500 words. It is mainly on the basis of this letter that the Feoffees will make a decision on any funding.

In that letter, please

  1. Give a brief introductory background to the charity. 
  2. For specific projects – outline the aim of the project you are applying for as well as what difference the grant would make if you were to be successful.
  3.  You may apply, if you wish to, for core funding.
  4. Specify the exact amount of grant you are asking the Feoffees to consider and detail what this will be used for.
  5. Supply a brief budget if appropriate.
  6. State for the Feoffees’ benefit what proportion of any funds granted would go directly to the project and what would be allocated to fundraising, administration etc.
  7. Provide a copy of your charity’s latest available accounts, in particular details of the annual income/ expenditure, surplus/deficit and funds carried forward. This is essential for the application to be considered by the Feoffees.
  8. If your application involves a school or schools, explain to the Feoffees the number and proportion of pupils receiving free school meals.
  9. Applications from charities supporting the homeless are encouraged.

Confirmation of any grant awarded will be sent out within a month of the meeting.

The average grant awarded is between £1,000 and £3,000 but this can vary with circumstances and the type of project for which funding is being sought. In the current financial climate, grants are unlikely to be awarded over £5,000. Grants are awarded to charities working within the City of Oxford and in Oxfordshire. Generally, applications from national charities will need to have a specific Oxford/shire basis and will be capped at £500 unless there is a good reason for varying this.

Applications should be by email in the first instance. Please ensure that all applications are accompanied by contact details, email address, website address (if available) and phone number (where you can be reached if there are any queries) and name of the organisation to which any cheque is payable.

You may include any relevant leaflets or literature you wish but these will not make up part of the proposal.