Helping people in Oxfordshire

Feoffees’ Donations Policies

Important update

The Feoffees of St Michael’s and All Saints’ Charities awarded grants at the meeting in June. No decision has yet been made regarding further grants in 2023.

Charities wishing to apply should continue to check this website for further information.

Guidelines for Applications are found under the How to Apply tab.

There are five principal criteria, each of which should be satisfied by a successful applicant.
  1. Geographic: Any grant should support people in Oxfordshire either directly or through charitable organisations.
  2. Community benefit or relief of individual hardship: Any grant should support projects whose primary objective is to provide community benefit or the relief of individual hardship.
  3. Need: Where there is competition for resources, applicants should demonstrate a need for the support which cannot readily be satisfied elsewhere.
  4. Sustainability: Applicants should show that their projects are, or will in the medium term, become sustainable without reliance on the Feoffees’ funding.
  5. Making a difference: Grants, other than of a nominal amount, must be such that they make a difference to the recipient.